Tim Hunter © 

 I feel so alone tonight

I don’t have the strength to fight 

Three more shots will put me down 

Get my feet up off the ground 


Sometimes faith just ain’t enough 

The pain is deep and I need my crutch 

I know that you are lying near 

But even you can’t ease my fears 

I’ve been running far too long 

My backs been turned and my minds been blown 

Now it’s time I face the truth 

Cleanse the demons from my youth 

Cleans the daemons from my youth 

I don’t want to sleep alone tonight 

But I need that buzz to take me, to the morning light

Help me now I’m falling, as the line goes down 

I just hope the sun comes back again, 

I’m alone

It’s the same 

You know I can’t sleep 

I want to cuss em’ 

when they try and tell me

sweet dreams 

I remember lying on the bathroom floor 

With my feet against the tub 

And my hands against the door 

Praying they would pass out 

Then I could come out 

Drink up all their liquor 

And I turn their fucking lights out 

But in the end 

You know I feel I’m gonna drown 

Cause Ive always got this anchor 

And its dragging me down     

I don’t wanna drown 


Please don’t let me drown 


I don’t wanna drown